Service Areas
GLP Audits
Assure your current Information Technology solutions meet the requirements of GLP compliance. From Computer Validation to Software Development and IT Operations, QAaaS-MI will provide an objective assessment to help your facility maintain compliant operations.
GLP Operations Guidance
Information Technology is on its own trajectory and moving at a rapid pace. Innovations are becoming available regularly that can help your business be more efficient and grow faster than your competitors. QAaaS-MI has a unique combination of experience in IT and compliance that knows how to work together and move forward. Let us share that experience with your team, so they can take advantage of the most current IT tools and compliant solutions for your business.
GLP Supplier Guidance
Vendors of software and instruments can take the responsibility of being a Value-Added Supplier to the next level with GLP regulated clients. QAaaS-MI can show you how to enhance your product delivery procedures to enable low effort implementations, of your products, for use in GLP regulated environments.
Pre-Clinical study conduct brings together an impressive group of specializations, with Information Technology reaching deeper into how everyone gets their job done. QAaaS-MI can help your team members stay focused on their role in compliant use of these tools.
About QAaaS-MI
A new horizon, IT & Compliance doesn’t have to be hard.
Sharing common understandings is the result of good communication and builds trust within teams. QAaaS-MI has learned how to get past the barriers that can be typical within organization between IT and Compliance. This trust allows us to quickly identify core compliance and operational issues, so solution development can initiate and keep the team moving forward. We’d like to share this culture and understanding with your Pre-Clinical operations team so you can stay focused on drug safety assessments and further progress society with these important contributions to delivering pharmaceutical treatments.